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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (swordsman_tofu)
10:20am 11/04/2007
swordsman_tofu posting in The Corner Community
Ok, new corner site, won't be using this one anymore.... the one I made is much more like gaia, with threads and such.

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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
10:29pm 13/03/2007
come on everyone lol, the site is finally updated >.<
lol you know you love me haha well some of you do i dont know about the rest :p
anywya i dont really have anytihng else to say so,,, bye haha
hearing: cradle of filth, hallowed by thy name
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
06:48pm 01/03/2007
wow holy crap, good job on the layout and shit meag, and also i haven't talked to alot of you guys in a long time so heya :P and also i miss you guys cant wait till next year when were all in school together and we better make the best of it cause im moving to prince george the FIRST chance i get, so you all better miss me cause chances of me getting a comp are slim, however its not forever... just 3 years tops haha

anyway i hope the corner isnt fallin apart without its former corner master there, i hear alot of stories comming from bows. glad i got out of there, well i hope to see you all later,
peace out
feeling: woo getting baked tomorow hahawoo getting baked tomorow haha
hearing: girlfriend, avril lavigne.. haha you know you love it
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (myniki)
07:26pm 10/02/2007
As stupid as this may sound, I really don't get LJ. I'm so use to gaia and all the crap on there that this is like jumping out of a plane and landing in...Germany...scary. Aaaaanyway! How ish all yous? I ish good. I have to say, the colours on the main page make the corner seem a little...cult-ish.
Is the corner a cult?
Wouldn't that be fucking awsome?!?!?!?!
And just to let you all know, so you have fair warning, Vinnie is back in full on power and gay anger. You have been warned.

Talk to y'all later!! ^.^ love ya.


ps. If any of you are on gaia...add me, pm me, comment my profile...anything...it's so boring sometimes.
pps. if you're ever on Deviantart, go check out my page, I would like people to tell me what they really think of my art, as long as you're not flaming me, cause that would suck...and I know where most of you live...and Vinnie loves watching you all sleep.
Heh..you remember that? It was freakin' fun. AAAAAAAAAANYWAY!!!!
Moving on!
EVERYONE GO TO BUTTERFLY ESSENCE, BRING MONEY!!! She has soooooooooooo much stuff there, it's freakin' awsome!!!! EEEE!!! hyper now!!!
feeling: gigglygiggly
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Woah... Activity...
 cornercommunity - (pasdeova)
09:11pm 26/01/2007
you're my wonderwall posting in The Corner Community
So I know no one will read this until like, July... But either way I'm posting to say...
New layout!
And isn't it smexy?
Final Fantasy theme is going to be our official fall back option, so we don't end up with a Hallowe'en theme in December ever again.

hearing: Strange Glue - Catatonia
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Corner Issues
 cornercommunity - (pasdeova)
06:16am 15/11/2006
you're my wonderwall posting in The Corner Community
So yeah... Site needs to be updated... Zoe's drawing us a picture for the December layout... At least she was... Anyone wanna take up the task of a layout idea for November?

Also, totally agree with Tofu... Not necissarily about Sock-Chucks 'cause they're disturbing... But definetly about filterin out some of the not-wanted Corner hanger-outers.

In other news... Corner of the Month is non-exsistent still because no one (with the exception of Les) is nominating anyone! C'mon people!

And finally... Corner potluck.... this week? Next week?


PS: Sign up for the talent show!
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 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
04:47am 12/11/2006

for all those who say me friday night *cough* gabbo lesly *cough* i said that alot, anyone care to know why? one hint, you can describe it with one letter, and its in my name, DUN DUN DUN!!!

anyway yes the movie was funny however i wouldnt know cause justin called my 13 times saying im going to die O.o fucking bastards then kyle trying to mess with my head, justin laughing his ass off, apperently Dan the manager at main store NEW what was going on, BL wouldnt stop laughing niether did scott, i bet you really want to know what hapend now dont ya ^^ well dont ask me you can ask lesly gabbo or candi they all know
anyway peace out

feeling: burn outs suck!burn outs suck!
hearing: i cant remember.....
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The Corner's Defense issues.
 cornercommunity - (swordsman_tofu)
09:08pm 11/11/2006
swordsman_tofu posting in The Corner Community
I believe that we have a problem, fellow cornerites. WE MUST PROTECT THE CORNER FROM THOSE WHO ARE NOT WELCOME! Corner God Sean suggest SOCK-CHUCKS and brute force. I agree. Anyone else willing to take up their sock-chucks and join in the protection of the corner (and/or random violence), please name yourselves (or just bring some sock-chucks or other corner-defense items).

On another note.... Corner potluck?

And another issue, This site's look.
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Umm guys?
 cornercommunity - (emanonevahi)
08:37pm 11/11/2006

Heyo! It's me with time on my hands again!

So anywho, what happened? I thought we were supposed to have a cornerite of the month! cmon! (I nominate myself for remembering ><) 

Ya, thats pretty much it- dont forget to update your site guys- it gets lame when we're halfway through november and its octobers web page : /

Well, I have to go do nothing now- BORAT RULES!!!


hearing: When - Opeth
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
01:31am 10/11/2006

death metal, blood metal, black metal, love it all, Opeth is ok Cannible Corpse rules and dark funerall is pretty good. yes it is ^^

and yes the actual buster blade ^^ i already have a sword this is to add to my collection of sharp pointy objects to stab people with if they break into my room ^^
anyway i better get going ill cya all around
hearing: blood drenched execution: Canible Corpse
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