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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (emanonevahi)
07:47pm 05/11/2006
Hey Bryce,

Yes finally- someone who appreciates Opeth! Death Metal Rules !><
Oh and this is me, Les- I only started hangin in the corner around mid last year though ^^

And third- wadda ya mean GET the buster blade!? You mean an actual sword right? Sweet! Best wishes that
you get it for christmas.

Ya so I forogt about the corner site- I was just browsing through my favorites and saw it. Woot.

Well right now I've got nothing really to post so I think I'll have to post a...WISH LIST!!! YES A WISH LIST =) !!!
So here's the stuff I really want that will give me orgasmic pleasure in seconds upon seeing them- they are:
***New Boxers- I dont care if it sounds weird, I need boxers.
***Lamentations DVD- Speaking of Opeth I really want their
concert DVD
***And anything else from Opeth, SOAD, Tool, Jethro Tull,
Pink Floyd, (dont worry I dont own anything from those bands so it's safe to buy me anything cause all the cds I have are burnt)

Peace out!


EDIT** for some reason my old post didn't come out right, I didn't "enrich the text" - oh and my mood was a cat 0.o
feeling: still happy
hearing: Now it's Parabola by TooL
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Heyo! I forgot about the site :(
 cornercommunity - (emanonevahi)
07:37pm 05/11/2006
Hey Bryce,

Yes finally- someone who appreciates Opeth! Death Metal Rules >
feeling: I try to always be contentI try to always be content
hearing: Schism- TooL
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duudes >.>
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
12:11am 01/11/2006
ok this is mostly to rub in to ANY FINAL FANTSY 7 FANS....you know clouds originall sword...ya his buster blade...im asking for it for christmas. and theres a chance ill get it...booya go me, btw i would like to add...you all suck, i miss you guys and no one cares -_- maybe some but not all...i was dressed up today. as chaos. yes chaos. i kicked ass. anyway im done, and bored, and lonely. BYE!!!

hearing: Xul :Behemoth
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Happy Christmakwanzaka!
 cornercommunity - (pasdeova)
06:15am 30/10/2006
you're my wonderwall posting in The Corner Community
Okay... So maybe I'm a little early onthat... But I spent an hour and a half wandering around town with Larissa today, selling wreaths (buythemyouknowyouwantto) We sold four. In the rich part of town. Rich people suck ass.

Also, we are totally doing Secret Santa in the Corner again this year... I was thinking we can have two potlucks in December, one on theday we pick names and one on the day we exchange presents. Yay, nay?

That's about all... I'm trying to kill the battery on the laptop so I can charge it fully and bring it to school tomorrow. Wee hee.

hearing: Nothing, Because I'm Cool Like That
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
01:15pm 28/10/2006
i just realized something....you with the funky name and naked chicks as your pic. who are you? cause wreath is like one of my fav songs ^^ yay opeth, *cough* anyway whatsup ^^ im bored where is everyone? HELLOOOOOO!!!! cya later
feeling: bummer yallbummer yall
hearing: slaves shall serve: Behemoth
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (corner_master)
08:53pm 21/10/2006
hey all corner master here whatsup yall? last night was totally fucking awsume...except that i got jacked for 80 bucks >< anywya
hows everyone doing? im doing great, hey you know what i think? i think someone should invit me to the bows dance eh? cause i got nothing to do and i know you all miss me..im not the same guy you used to know spend the night knowing how much ive changed and love me like yuo always do, anyway someone from the corner call me k cause i cant garauntee ill be online, 785-2631 or 261-1799
cya later everyone
Corner Master out
feeling: the cats were stoned XDthe cats were stoned XD
hearing: gone forever, three days grace
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No Good With Words Like I Am
 cornercommunity - (pasdeova)
05:15pm 20/10/2006
you're my wonderwall posting in The Corner Community
So... Who's excited for the dance? I am! ^^ I am totally going with Nikki if... That whole thing doesn't work out. It will be fabulous. Still need to talk to folks about getting Cnady-bum and Jessa to come. Both super duperly want to soooo...

Now then... I do hate when I have to admit Les is right... But he is so I shall. The community is at it's busiest on long breaks from school and to communicate school events with teh Candace... Therefore I expect no activity... Except from me 'cause I'll still post a lot because I have no life and I CAN!

So yeah... Any ideas for the date of the next potluck?

hearing: Dance, Dance ~ Fall Out Boy
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activity/ songs
 cornercommunity - (emanonevahi)
11:05pm 14/10/2006
Hey meag- ok, i'm giving in now...
Songs for me for the soundtrack: any of these

The Drapery Falls
The Twilight is my Robe
In the mist she was standing
Hooker with a penis
cross eyed marie
thick as a brick (lol, this one's over 45 minutes long)
(some of these songs extend to 13 minutes long, be warned)

Ok, and why is the site not geting much attention? The answer!:
We see eachother almost everyday at school, most of us dont really care becuae we can email/ msn each other, not like the site has any cool features, and the bottom line is posting takes too long to say so little- why not be content that its getting the use of stuff such as people getting bored and writing in, and people checking for upcoming corner stuff (the potluck?). Any ways dont be too distresed over it, some times sites are booming, other times no one gives a flying fuck =)
feeling: im always happyim always happy
hearing: Crawl Away- tool
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(no subject)
 cornercommunity - (swordsman_tofu)
12:05am 15/10/2006
swordsman_tofu posting in The Corner Community
Yo. Meag, would you be able to send me/comment me all the info on animethon? CAuse y'know I was invited and need to get da info before I ask parents.(ex. date, how we'd get there (to edmonton), how/where we'd be staying, other crap like that.) I kinda need to know, y'know. Mhmm. Know how to know the know with knowingness. :D ILLOGIC IS GOD! LOL!
feeling: o.Oo.O
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All Hallows- What?
 cornercommunity - (pasdeova)
03:00pm 14/10/2006
you're my wonderwall posting in The Corner Community
So Hallowe'en is almost upon us... Well, it's two weeks away... That's almost. You can feel the excitement building... Oooooooo... The Hallowe'en dance at school will be a BLAST this year. I can say this becuse we kinda started planning it way back in September... Then we stopped, planned the Terry Fox Run and shall continue planning come Monday. :P Who can tell I'm excited?

So, if you hadn't noticed... There is no activity on here! Nothing! Nada! Zip! POST PEOPLE!!!!!!

Also, you may have noticed that there has been no Cornerite of the Month... Or Movie of the Month... Or anything of the month. That's because we're starting next month! Yaay. Post suggestions, or rather... Comment on this post with suggestions... Or e-mail me or Candy... We'll get 'er done.

Alos.. HELLO! The songs for the soundtrack? They are needed. many of you have been doing well at school... But c'mon! It's an excuse to post!

hearing: Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
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